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Greetings and welcome to my site! Until recently, it announced my intention to write a series of books on healthier living, beginning with Why I Buy My Clothes at Second Hand Stores. Steady prodding from fans, family, friends, and especially my first husband, Tom Merrill, has resulted in a big shift for me. Iíve put that book aside for now, and my new project has me so excited that Iím not shopping anywhere these days. Iím writing my autobiography!

Carol Merrill Opens New Doors Ė An Autobiography is in development. My life before, during, and after
Letís Make a Deal will be expressed in a way that you rarely experienced me on game shows Ė WORDS.

You may have first met me on a show called Your Surprise Package, hosted by George Fenneman. Most fans, however, know me from Letís Make a Deal, where I was the model for the quick-witted, free-wheeling and original "big dealer" Monty Hall. For 14 years, I opened doors for millions of viewers. On the air, Monty usually said my full name, Carol Merrill, and due to the popularity of the show, I became a household name.

How did I get to that stage and beamed into your living rooms and movie theaters? I didnít consciously plan a modeling/acting career during my farm life childhood in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Our move to Southern California coincided with the close of my childhood, and it was then that I became aware of fashion. As a young teenager, I worked in retail clothing sales, moved into modeling, and pretty quickly arrived on your TV and movie screens.

Off stage from Letís Make a Deal, in 1967, I discreetly gave birth to my daughter Hillary, having posed in my TV role in a way that hid my expanding profile into my 7th month
. Our family of three moved to a small ranch in the hills of Malibu where I could re-enact the best of my mid-west rural upbringing. This time, I grew my vegetables organically and our daughter Hillary became an accomplished equestrian. My husband, hairdresser Bernie Safire, took a break from doing hair and built the Whale Watch, a beachfront restaurant.

In the 80s, I married my current husband, Mark Burgess, and we moved to Hawaii. My love of nature easily thrived on the Big Island where I dived into environmental activism. That intense focus resulted in my receiving the Hawaii County Mayorís Award of Excellence, and Hawaiiís First Ladyís Outstanding Volunteer Award.

Australia was my next stop Ė a small beach village where Mark could do what he loves! Years later, we took a zig zag course back to California for a few months, then back to Hawaii, where we settled on Oahu.

Having trekked through cow pastures of the Midwest, stage sets of Hollywood, composted garden plots of Malibu, and the sands and surfs of Australia and Hawaii, Iím eager to share my saga with you. Stay tuned as I open these doors of my life:

  • What Gardner Mc Kay of Adventures in Paradise did for me between takes on the set
  • The family who took me in as a teenager when I no longer could live at home
  • Why Blake Edwards went out of his way to find me (pre-Julie Andrews)
  • Sixteen different schools by my 18th birthday ó made meeting new people a breeze
  • What Johnny Carson asked me to do for him
  • How I produced one-woman fashions shows, starring yours truly, at 16
  • Let's Make A Deal ó what went on backstage when the doors were closed
  • Going from bored to tears to over the moon ó with a simple decision
  • Stefanie Powers and I found ourselves in trouble after lingering too long at a 60's 'love in'
  • My born-again sis, and I a free-thinker ó loving our way past the differences
  • Henry Winkler "The Fonz" spending $20,000 to get me from Australia to L.A.
  • Rescued by fans after my car engine blows up in the Mojave Desert
  • My life-threatening health challenge and why Olivia Newton-John intervened
  • Why I think President Obama should have a chat with my husband
  • And much more.....

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